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November 27, 2010

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School is rough and stuff is tough and without a long story IVE BEEN GONE!  But I wanted to make sure i had a very quick post about what i hope to be doing in the future.

I just got back from a fantastic Thanksgiving with friends and family.  Though i hesitated for a good 20 years to ever try any food at all (check that out here:  CHICKEN TENDERS?!).  I enjoyed some delicious ham and turkey.  Over the turkey and appetizers of chips and queso, i also got talking to one of my cousins, the CouponPrincess.  She talked about how she started her blog a while ago and i observed how well she is doing!  So without further hesitation i will now let you know what i intend to do.

This blog is mainly friends/family and a few others.  I introduce to you all “MarkAaronTech”!!!  This will be the new location for all of my nerdiness and tech blah to flow over into.  I hope to launch the new blog within a week.  I will maintain this blog as well as a social and “my life” blog.  But make sure you all check it out and follow me on twitter! I plan on making a blog post or video every monday.

On a related note…  the Kinect for Xbox is JUST LIKE the video in the last blog i posted.  See what creativity can do!?



A quick post!

July 21, 2010

Not a lot of CRAZY stuff that i have not already touched in previous blogs…  but i wanted to give a quick update!  As many of you know, i am in a show and so i am very busy, and will likely be unable to update again for another week.

Pirates beware! Recently 4 million accounts and passwords were accessed in a hack of (a popular public torrent website).  You may find it worrisome that they had access to “create, delete, modify or view all user information, including the number and name of file trackers or torrents uploaded by users.”  No worries though,  the pirate bay has patched the breach in the hull and is back in full force!

With the addition of new iPhone ads, developer of the “Flashlight” application pulled in $1,400 in one day.  Now, i love when a quality programmer is compensated accordingly for the work they have done, but $30,000 a month seems a bit steep.  True, some of this could have just been hype about the new ads and iPhone users clicked on it to see what it was all about, but still, thats a lot of moulah!

Australia VS. Google? Many countries are looking into the recent collection of Wi-fi data that took place in the land of Google.  It was a simple part of the Streetview project that took a sour turn for Google.  Australians (as anyone would) felt that their privacy had been invaded.  Looks like Facebook isnt the only one dealing with privacy issues. Google officials say, “We want to reiterate to Australians that this was a mistake for which we are sincerely sorry. Maintaining people’s trust is crucial to everything we do and we have to earn that trust every single day. We are acutely aware that we failed badly here,”

Johnny Lee is amazing.  Because i am short on time, ill just say, watch the video.


More of the same, and then some!

July 12, 2010

You (assuming you are just like me…) will be excited to see that the Android market is pulling forward still!   Although this data does NOT include the recent iPhone 4 launch… it also does not show how awful the new iPhone turned out to be.  The order remains RIM, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Palm.  Pay attentiont, though, to the point change.  Most companies wavered about a point or two, but Android increased a whopping four points during this 3 month period.  I can only expect the same (and more) will occur when the Droid X, my secret lover, is launched.

On a related note, i have been getting mixed feedback from users of the Evo.  Some say it lacks the convenience of their old Palm phones because of the poor quality of Applications.  I assume that this will change as the 4G market grows, but if this is a large concern for you, perhaps you should stick with your 3G phone a little bit longer (bear in mind you can get all the 3G apps you had on your 4G phone as well). Others say that is a great phone.  James Wood, a friend, is sporting one of the more fancy applications on the Evo, a $4.00 Nintendo Advanced Emulator!  With which he can play all of the old Pokemon games we all love.  Perhaps Smartphones will be the console of the future?  Food for thought.

Burnt iPhone

While we are on the subject of phones… their was recently an instance where a users iPhone burst into flames!  Apple ensures the customer it was a USB error, and not a user error, and his unit was since replaced.  But that doesnt change the fact that this is just more wood to throw into the fire (get it?) that is the iPhone 4.  The users hand was “slightly burned” during the incident, and i am sure Apple will suck up good to the needs of this customer to avoid further embarrassment.

Facebook, too, is in more hot water. Facebook, being a private company, dances to the sound of its own drum.  This is usually fine, except for when it infringes on others privacy.  Canada is taking a class-action privacy lawsuit against Facebook. Donald J. Woligroski is the main member of the suit who believes his privacy has been abused.  The suit accuses Facebook of misrepresenting its privacy policy and deliberately using Woligroski’s  personal information for its own commercial gain.  Facebook has claimed that the lawsuit has no merit and is false, but because of its Class-action nature, all Canadians who use Facebook are eligible to fight!  Take up arms my Canadian brethren!!!

And lastly, Google has publicly declared that it would stop redirecting Chinese web queries to its uncensored Hong Kong site.  This began in March when it was time for Google to renew their ICP license in China.  What changed?  China has renewed Googles Internet Content Provider’s license, and asked that Google no longer redirect their searches.  A recent statement from Google says, “We are very pleased… and we look forward to continuing to provide web search and local products to our users in China.”  Many people are upset, saying Google “gave in”, but if you step into Google’s shoes, it was just the smarter business decision not to piss off an entire nation.


Stand aside, Googles got this.

July 6, 2010

Google has once again created an entertaining home page for us all!  Happy 4th of July!

Google is ALL OVER THE PLACE.  Its almost frightening that whenever a new market is discovered or an opportunity arises Google has already been there for months.  My theory?  Google hires Psychics.  More probable theory:  Google hires unique minds!

Google will be revamping the way users search for flights and airfares in the next year with the recent acquisition of ITA Software.  Marissa Mayer (VP of User Experiences and Search Products) reports, “Searches for travel-related information are among the highest-volume queries we receive at Google.”  Although the purchase may point to a new form of income for Google through selling tickets to flights, the company says, “we have no plans to sell flights ourselves” and their new product will “refer people quickly to a site where they can actually purchase flights.”

In other news, Google has made a move to show their support of the LGBT community and potentially attract many homosexual employees from other companies!  In the current health care system, there is a tax which same sex couples have to pay (roughly over a thousand dollars a year) that straight couples do not have to pay.  Google has shown that they disagree by providing their LGBT employees (who have a partner) with the extra thousand dollars to cover the tax.

On the 4th of July, India formally asked Google, Skype, and RIM, for access to email and other data information.  The Indian Department of Telecommunications has stated that, “If a company fails to meet this deadline, it risks being banned or blocked by the government of India.”  This could mean the end of internet anonymity!  Is nothing sacred!?  None of the companies have yet to respond, but India is the largest telecommunications market in the world at the time, just the thought makes me sick!  They have 14 days remaining to respond to this request.

Other Cool Stuff!

Remember the inconvenience of having to figured out which ways the batteries to your flashlight go, but since you dont have a flashlight, you cant figure it out?  Well not anymore!  Thanks to Microsofts innovative invention, you may now put batteries in either direction!  Negative and Positive contacts (shown below) will sense which way the current of energy should be flowing, and adapt accordingly.  Microsoft is sure to make a killing off of this fantastic invention, named InstaLoad, by providing it manufacturers.  Microsoft has chosen to be the good guys and offer InstaLoad free to manufacturers who work with hearing, vision, and other technologies helping those with disabilities.

“There’s an app for that” has become quite the catchphrase with Apple products, but now… there really is.  In an effort (i assume) to end the need for bank tellers everywhere, you may now deposit checks into your Chase account using your iPhone.  Simply take a picture of the front and back of the check, enter the amount, and hit send!  How easy is that!?  Along with QuickDeposit comes a new function called QuickPay.  QuickPay enables you to send money to anyone, so long as you have their e-mail address!   Bankers can now transfer up to $3,000 a week on mobile, saving many trips to the bank!  Thanks Chase!

Bye bye Kin, Hello Kindle!

July 2, 2010

On June 30th, 2010, a very beloved *cough* not *cough* member of the smart-phone society passed away; the Kin.  PR says  “We will continue to work with Verizon in the U.S. to sell current KIN phones.” (read the full statement here) Which basically means, “Hey if you dont already have one, dont buy a Kin.”  Although some of the ideas for the phone were cool (the “social network” phone)  it had far too much working against it.  Its shape was awkward making it in most cases unpocketable.  And with the selection of so many other… better… phones,  its death was just a matter of time.  For those in mourning, please visit and send your condolences much like Katy Foley who spoke the ever true words, “Briefly on our shelves, forever in our hearts.”

But with every closing door, another one opens.  The Kin may be gone forever, but the Kindle DX is just being born!  Sporting a fancy Graphite colored body, this new Kindle has all your favorite features from its predecessors (such as Whispersync book syncing, free 3G wireless for book downloads, the largest selection of e-Books around, a hardware keyboard) and more!  This new Kindle features Improved E-Books with up to 50% better contrast and visibility (on all books), audio playback for us lazy readers, and ever video playback for select E-Books.  Now, I know what you’re saying, “Thats cool, but it’s no iPad.”  True, it may not be… but these improvements combined with a price tag of only $379.99 make it a very viable option.  Readers may find it interesting that reading speeds on the Kindle are 10.2% slower than reading a text book, but still the convenience is unmatched by a paper copy.  The old Kindle can be purchased now from Amazon for only 149.99!  The Kindle DX is available now for pre-order and is set to ship on July 7th.

Have you/Will you ever buy an E-Rader?

The iMAS Droid!

July 1, 2010

Long Post today!  A lot happened!!!  Summer seems to short,  Its already wrapping up!  With that come some great things, like Froyo and Droid X, but also some things take their leave.  So get in your last month of Pooltime, Showtime, and Work,  because a whole new month awaits!  Happy July!

The Verizon iPhone?

Yes!  According to a recent Bloomberg report, this coming year will mark the end of Apple’s 5-Year contract with AT&T and Verizon had been eager to jump on the train of success which has been the iPhone 4.  That is if you exclude the recent dilemma.  After half a week of complaints about reception issues with the iPhone’s antenna (due to holding the phone in different ways) Apple has posted an ad looking for Antenna Engineers.  Thats right people, Apple is hiring (now how do i get an engineering degree fast?).

Droid X (my new secret fascination) took the opportunity to jab Apple with one of their ads.

“most importantly, it comes with a double antenna design. The kind that allows you to hold the phone any way you like and use it just about anywhere to make crystal clear calls. You have a voice. And you deserve to be heard.”

4 Square makes 4 Million!  Well…  5 times.

In an effort to secure their position in the future of social media (P.S.  HAPPY SOCIAL MEDIA DAY!  more info here) 4 Square has secured 20 million dollars to put towards improving the product for their 2 million users (that or they could give us all $10!).

Plus, Plus, and Away!

Hulu + offers new support for current Hulu users as well as features like having Hulu play on your TV, iPad, or iPhone!  Streaming in beautiful 720p HD, you can play your favorite TV shows (past and present) on your Xbox, Playstation, BlueRay Player, or iProduct!  The downside is of course the monthly cost.  I anticipate many will take advantage of Hulu+ for only $9.99!  As for the rest of us… we will still be able to watch the last 5 episodes of our favorite TV shows for free on Hulu.

Speaking of Playstation…  Playstation + has a lot of hype regarding what it actually is.  This $49.99 a year subscription (or 17.99 per 3 months) allows its users to access demos, try full games for up to an hour before actually purchasing, auto-patch games that have been played on the PS3, and most important it incorporates a new and improved Facebook integration.  This time around, it may even be better than the common iPhone applications!

MAS’s Most Mouthwatering!

I am SO excited about this product because it marks just how ridiculous the industry of Memory has become!  This 3 Terabyte hard drive, known as the FreeAgent GoFlex Desk External Drive,  features both USB 2.0 and 3.0 and is roughly 8 cents per Gigabyte of space.  Good luck filling this one up.

Its late!  Im tired!  Happy Social Media Day to all!!!!


Twit You Twat!

June 28, 2010


Ever since my terribly busy summer of Camp Centre Stage (8a-1p),  rehearsal (6p-10p), and work (at amc) on weekends… i have been doing, well, nothing!

I found out that i will not be returning to Illinois Wesleyan University next semester, and i am in the final stages of finishing preparations for next year.


Your technology update (through my eyes):

  • Google Voice:  AWESOME!!!  But… i cant really see a HUGE advantage to it, seeing how i only have one phone.

  • Droid X:  Do want, not much to tell you now except that it ships with Android 2.1,  2.2 is on its way later this summer.

  • E3:  Was amazing,  if you missed it, go to and catch up on what you missed; including…  New XBox360, New Nintendo… well, Everything! , and Portal 2 (in which the cake really isnt a lie).

  • The current Top 5 most wanted gadgets are ALL smartphones!  Evo, Pixy Pri, Droid X, iPhone 4 (the huge dissapointment),  and the Kin!

Album for you to listen to…

Song:  Rhinestone Eyes (my favorite from the new CD)

  • Gorillaz new album Plastic Beach!  This album consists not only of great songs, but a great full CD feel.  You can listen to the whole album in one sitting without batting an eye.

Thanks to rehearsal with a couple…  Twitaholics…  I am now back on the Twitter wagon; Full Force!  Any suggestions on what Twitert Apps for my browser i should get???   Thanks folks! (TWEET ME!

Maybe here soon ill make a video,  maybe i wont.  Maybe here soon ill write another blog…  moreso probable.